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Closeup of hand painting mural

Leonhardt Vineyards

This building had seen a lot. Layers of rust and dirt only slightly obscured the beautiful canvas underneath. After plenty of power washing and scrubbing, the dirt had been brought back enough layers to begin painting. I was determined to keep the natural rust  and beautiful color of the metal wall poking through, so I created this design in a way that would highlight it with typography and bright color blocking. Abstract grapes blend with the warm curves of yellows and oranges. The sun sets across the field from the mural and casts pink and oranges in the metal. More images of the process and finished mural below.


Mushroom Fairy Garden

Mushrooms and greenery create a whimsical play space for Evy & Ro.


Leonhardt Vineyards

Bold color enhances the beauty rust and metal on an aluminum building.


Think. Create. Deliver

Exploring abstraction with natural elements for a company mural.

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