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Beaufurn is a commercial furniture retailer specializing in the hospitality industry. With their growth and evolution, they were seeking to update their logo and redefine the visual identity of their brand. Creating a modern shape along with a grounded serif font fit in nicely in their industry but was unique enough to be instantly recognizable. The brand campaign creative centered around how Beaufurn's furniture was the stepping stone on the journey of the designers vision and the desired feeling of the space they create. The creative emphasized this journey, the emotive line intertwines through the furniture to connect before and after.

Creative campaign mockup of a suggested refresh of Beaufurn's website.

In researching Beaufurn's most direct competitors we wanted to create something that could stick out from the rest. This clean, white approach with a pop of color modernizes the Beaufurn look.

Beaufurn Flay Lay.jpg

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